January 14, 2023

Top 15 Black-Owned Marketing Agencies 2023

By StackServe

The world of digital marketing is a highly competitive one, and we wanted to showcase some of the talented black-owned marketing agencies around. These businesses are led by innovative, forward-thinking individuals who are pushing the boundaries of traditional marketing with their new approach and outside-the-box thinking. Keep reading to learn more about the top 15 black-owned marketing agencies of 2023 so you can discover their exceptional work for yourself. 


Top 15 Black-Owned Marketing Agencies in 2023


Miles Ahead Entertainment 

Miles Ahead Entertainment

Founder: Sheila Eldridge

Location: Bowie, MD

About: Miles Ahead Entertainment is a highly acclaimed MDOT/WOSB certified agency.  Their roster of clients includes Janet Jackson, Ice T, and Babyface, just to name a few. 

Service Focus: Miles Ahead Entertainment has an abundance of services including strategic planning, concierge sponsorship engagement, digital & social media marketing, public relations, and virtual events. 


KBF Marketing

KBF Marketing logo

Founder: Stefon Pettigrew

Location: Bowie, MD

About: Stefon’s impressive background working with many national brands gave him a great foundation to take the leap and start up KBF Marketing in 2016. KBF’s commitment to shaping their client’s goals into culturally relevant stories and their non-traditional approach to marketing sets them apart in the industry. 

Service Focus: All types of digital media marketing and strategy. They even kick it old school with direct mail, billboards and print campaigns. Their services also include advertising, brand management & partnerships as well as an offering where they to creating marketing strategies geared towards any type of businesses.


Authentique Agency

Authentique Agency

Founder: Roy Broderick Jr.

Locations: Atlanta, GA & Nashville, TN

About: The Authentique Agency is a minority and LGBT-owned marketing firm that proudly celebrates their differences. Pop over to their ‘About Us’ page and read their team bio’s – they are self-proclaimed “consciously disruptive creators and strategists” and you’ll fall in love with them immediately! They are passionate about creating campaigns that redefine the narrative while also driving growth and delivering results. 

Service Focus: Full service marketing firm that handles strategy, digital marketing, production, social media, multicultural, creative, public relations and more. 


Philly Reps

Philly Reps logo

Founder: Khalid Stewart

Location: Philadelphia, PA

About: Philly Reps is a marketing and consulting firm established by creatives for creatives. They set themselves apart from the crowd by partnering with photographers to ensure brands get the exposure they deserve. No tacky generic stock photos when you go with them! You can tell they’re cool when you check out their website, it’s very modern and artsy. 

Service Focus: Website revamp, digital portfolios, project edits, email campaigns, social media, coaching and more.


Zora Digital

Zora Digital logo

Founder: Yewande Odusanwo

Location: Chicago, IL

About: Zora Digital is a minority and women-owned digital marketing firm in Chicago that mainly serves businesses in the health and wellness industry, including some Fortune 500 companies. Zora means ‘dawn’ and their website states, “We’re in the zora of digital marketing’s new golden age. Make the most of it!.”

Service Focus: Zora Digital focuses on data based strategy, market research, analytics, advertising and SEO. 


Pop’N Creative

PopN logo

Founders: Jessica Lane & Lori Hall

Location: DC | ATL | NYC | LA

About: Pop’N Creative was born during the pandemic by Jessica and Lori who were tired of hearing about the lack of strong multicultural agencies and wanted to fill the gap. Their unique approach is to pay attention to social and cultural influences to create the right experience for the right audience. 

Service Focus: Digital marketing, brand strategy,  social media marketing, video production, cultural insights, influence campaigns, and more. 


TB Media Group

TB Media Group logo

Founder: Tamika Bikham

Location: El Portal, FL

About: TB Media Group is a video and content marketing agency that was created by former journalist, Tamika Bikham. TB Media Group knows its strongest asset is visual storytelling through video to help brands build an authentic connection with their audience. Her portfolio and reviews speak for themselves, with many raving about her storytelling abilities. Go check it out!  

Service Focus: Video production, strategy & planning, social media marketing, content writing, brand photography, and training. 



tinted logo

Founder: Crystal Mosby

Location: Baltimore, MD

About: Tinted is a brand consultant and creative agency that works closely with nonprofits, social enterprises, and institutions that are passionate about their purpose to bring their visions to life. Their goal is to ensure they nail the client’s vision every time. 

Service Focus: Marketing strategy, brand identity, graphic design, web development, and custom packages. 


Rigaud Global Company

RGC logo

Founders: Dawn & Ralph Rigaud

Location: Woodbridge, VA

About: Rigaud Global Company is an amazing feel-good company that just makes you a better person by visiting their website. They are a social impact marketing agency that aims to increase awareness for social good and public health. They thrive on creating campaigns for government agencies and nonprofits that enhance the well-being of their audience. Extra points for how wholesome that is! 

Service Focus: Full-service marketing including video production, social media, strategy, web design, copywriting, graphic design, and much more. 


Comet Media Group

Comet Media Group

Founders: George Byfield

Locations: Lakeland, FL & Kingston, Jamaica

About: Comet Media Group is all about helping brands leverage their message to engage diverse communities. They provide a full stack of marketing services and can help all types of businesses with their marketing needs, no matter the budget. They love to use their engagement programs to connect brands with the local community. Built-in networking, score! 

Service Focus: Full-service marketing including competitive audits, customer segmentation, cultural analysis, graphic design, social media, and more. 



WhitPR logo

Founder: Dreena Whitfield-Brown

Location: Union, NJ

About: WhitPR is an integrated strategic communications agency that authentically tells the stories of the brands they represent. They have a way of shaping and amplifying the narratives that drive measurable success and have mastered connecting brands to multicultural audiences. 

Service Focus: Public relations, influencer engagement, experiential marketing, and social media marketing.


19th & Park

19th logo

Founders: Whitney Headen & Tahira White

Location: New York, NY

About: 19TH & Park is a creative marketing and production company that is highly successful at transforming business objectives into creative content. Their impressive resume working with Coach, Puma, and BET shows that they know their stuff. Whitney and Tahira have a goal to develop programs that resonate with cross-cultural and cross-generational audiences while leaving a lasting impact in the minds of the audience.

Service Focus: Full-service video production, event fabrication & build, merchandise design, influencer and social media strategy, content, and web development. 


Communications Strategies

Communication Strategies logo

Founder: Peter Woolfolk

Location: Nashville, TN

About: Communication Strategies is an amazing veteran-owned business that does exactly what the name says – offers a multitude of communication services. Founder, Peter Woolfolk, has an accomplished background and has created a unique marketing stack that will help any business thrive. 

Service Focus:  Video production, digital engagement, public relations, community engagement, event production, and focus groups.



Kurieo logo

Founder: Devin Lars

Location: Oakland, CA

About: Kurieo is a creative agency that blends digital marketing with offline experiences to create a well-rounded immersive experience for your audience. This results in a pretty cool business model that not only gives you marketing strategies but also branded swag to go along with it. 

Service Focus:  Offline services – seeding kits, uniforms, branded items. Online services – campaign development, brand identity, social media, consultation, and strategy. 



21Five logo

Founder: Kevin Pleasants Jr. 

Location: Oakland, CA

About: 21Five is a brand strategy and marketing agency that creates strategies for future-focused brands. They realize that brands are constantly evolving and while the marketing world has gotten so complex, it’s better to get rid of the fluff and simplify things. This approach has won them a lot of raving fans. 

Service Focus: Full marketing solution including brand strategy, development, assets, social media, website, content, email marketing, and SEO. 


Black-Owned Marketing Agencies Near Me 

If you stumbled across our page because you were searching for “black-owned marketing agencies near me”, then you have come to the right place. Whether you’re looking for social media marketing, wanting to boost your online presence, impress Google with your SEO, or just revamp your strategy with a whole new creative approach, one of the experts on our list will have you covered. 


Final Thoughts

There are many talented black-owned marketing agencies out there that are making positive impacts in the industry – the creativity and energy they bring is unparalleled. Our list spotlights many agencies who are crushing it in the marketing world with their expertise.

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